Hello there!
My name is Jon Longva, and this page is dedicated to some of the photos I've taken during my travels, and while working, in different places around the world as an airline pilot.
I currently live right next to Oslo airport (Norway), where I work as a first officer for Scandinavian Airlines.
I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but it wasn't until I was a student pilot in Florida, that my hobby really started to take off (pun intended). I got my first DSLR camera (cheapest Canon model at the time), and started taking pictures wherever I went.
For a period after my student days, I stopped taking pictures for a while, but after moving to Indonesia, and seeing all the beautiful motives, I figured I had to start photographing again.
This is when I bought the camera that I use now, a Nikon D600, and I've been lugging it along in my bag ever since. 
I hope you like my photos, and if you have any questions, or want any of my photos for yourself, don't hesitate to contact me.

- Nikon D600 full frame camera
- Nikkor 16-35mm F4
- Nikkor 70-200mm F4
- Nikkor 50mm F1.8
- Sigma 20mm F1.4
- Samyang 12mm F2.8 "Fisheye"

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